Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sungai Dara 2


It's areen's birthday

More photos of Areen's birthday. Photos credited to emila. Thanks a million emila!!

Original post:

Areen was born on 15th May 2001... We had a small birthday cake on Thursday 15th. Areen was very happy.. and last sunday, to celebrate with friends, we had areen's birthday party. Thank you all for coming and for the lovely presents... later, areen has her latest birthday present...CHICKEN POX!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meeting Lolita & Paul


Les parents de Stephanie, une bonne copine de fac d'Angers, sont en Malaisie pour 2 jours. Ils font un tour de l'Asie de Sud-Est.. Je suis vraiment, vraiment ravie de les rencontrer.. Mes soeurs et moi (et la petite Aqeela, biensur) sont allees les retrouver a Sg. Wang pour ensuite les emmener a la tour de KL..

"Je t'imagine plus mince...", a dit la maman.. Et oui, c'etait il y a 10 ans.. Et j'ai pris des tonnes de poids depuis..uhuk,uhuk..

A M. et Mme. Chalons, bienvenue en Malaisie.. J'espere que vous avez aime votre sejour.. et a tres bientot!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aqeela again!


More drawings from Areen...

Here are some drawings by Areen, made some time ago..

of her school friends:

of some 'friendly' animals

Mouse Mousie

We are sending Areen to music lessons.. she has to pop in the middle as the classe already started few months ago.. so, after two(2) evaluation/trial classes, she is accepted. It's a rather excellent music centre as the children are taught the sense of music before really choose an instrument. There are lots of fun and games as not to scare or bore the little ones.. babies as early as new born could start lessons!! So, Aqeela, when is your turn? Attend un peu la, huh?! While waiting, you'll dance over some salsa music with umi, ok chérie? Haha..

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

areen's creation

"Umi, I have something special for you", Areen said when she came back from school on monday. She hasn't put down her school bag yet.. erm.. what would that be?
And she pulled out a tiny lovely card from her school uniform pocket... tra la la.. "I made it at school, during art class..".. thank you sweetie.. here it is.. it's a collage card..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sungai Dara

We really enjoyed our escapade to Sungai Dara (Rivière Vierge) last sunday. On va y retourner surement, soon!!


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