Friday, June 13, 2008

Tagged? Beauty secrets en plus?! Oh la la...

Emila tagged me with the beauty secrets meme. Err.. a vrai dire.. je ne suis pas du tout du genre a se faire belle.. meme pas pour moi-meme.. hehe.. et je ne suis pas du tout a 'meme' girl, anyway, since it is emila who tagged me, let's try it out...

My Foundation:
Don't have one. Used it before, but it was not mine...

My Mascara:
Mascara? I tried it once but can hardly open my eyes.. tak selesa.. hehe

My Day Cream:
I like biscuits with banana cream.. to be eaten during the day, with a teh o...

My Essential Beauty Product:
Tap water.

My Favorite Makeup Product:
A compact powder atmost.. most of the time, my daughter's baby powder...

My Perfume:
I like the smell of whitemusk... even then.. rarely put any perfume on...

My Nails:
Never colored my nails, si.. une fois.. avec de l'henne..

My Feet:
I never wear socks.. so, they smell ok I guess.. no beauty products needed..

My Hands:
Handwash liquid will do just fine..

Three Beauty Products to bring on a deserted island:
Deserted island.. beauty products are the last thing I need.. some water & lotsa food please!!

Women I admire for their beauty:
Hardly can think of anyone...

Women with the Best Sense of Style:
Style is very subjective!!

My Ultimate Dream:
Anything to do with beauty secrets? Anyway, I dream of having a good slice of garlic bread and a bowl of homemade mushroom soup...yummy...

How Do I Define Womanhood:
Take away Robin and and replace it with Woman..

My favourite Fashion Publication:
How could I have a favourite if I know none?

Well.. yay!! I managed to answer to all questions!! I'm tagging no one in particular.. but you're are tagged!! yes, you!

3 comments on "Tagged? Beauty secrets en plus?! Oh la la..."

Emila Yusof on June 13, 2008 at 12:33 AM said...

Hahaha funny answers! True lah kan, we need lotsa food on a deserted island, we can also hunt for food! Tangkap ikan dan bakar! Yumyum! Best ni, jom pi deserted island!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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